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Established 1968

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Keeping your car safely on the road

Modern wheel alignment

Wheel Alignment

and tyre repairs and sales

Modern suspensions need precise alignment, or else your tyres can become worn and your

fuel consumption can rise. Blyth Service Station use the latest equipment to provide 4 wheel alignment. It's a great way to ensure that your wheels are perfectly aligned if you've been in

an accident, or driven over potholes.

Tyre inspections and repairs

Tyres are an essential component of your car, but they're often overlooked until they go wrong. Don't let that happen to you. We provide expert yet inexpensive tyre inspections, and we also repair damaged or punctured tyres. Call us today to find out how little it can cost.

Tyres, wheels and more

• Wheel alignment

• New tyres

• Alloy refurbishment

• Tyre inspections

• Durable tyre repairs

• Alloy wheels for sale

• Tracking

• Bearings

How often do you check your tyre tread depth? Insufficient tread could affect your handling,

and result in you receiving a fine and points on your licence. We can check your tread depth, and tyre pressure.


If you need new wheels or alloys,

phone 01670 352 664

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